Work that we're proud of.

YouTube contracted Obscura Digital to help bring their vision of an interactive digital space, the YouTube BrandLab to to demonstrate to fortune 500 advertisers the platform's brand building capabilities. One of the components of the BrandLab was an interactive, multimedia tablet array dubbed The Fireplace.

WeGeeks utilized Android, Ruby and HTML5/Websockets to produce a working prototype within two weeks. This prototype featured on-demand video playback across all tablets as well as an interactive voting display application. HTML5 based controls were provided for both hardware and software.

After confirmation of full functionality, WeGeeks was able to deliver a final product that integrated with YouTube's own interactive spaces software in an additional two weeks. Upon delivery, WeGeeks trained and provided documentation not only for upkeep of the "fireplace," but provided additional software hooks and insight for expanding the platform.

SIGN had a vision: to enable brands to create a powerful network of touch displays across their entire retail footprint. They needed a robust, scalable mobile network with rapid content creation tools. They turned to WeGeeks to architect both a scalable backend solution as well as an appealing mobile frontend.

After working with SIGN to gather user requirements, network requirements and the goals of the business, WeGeeks developed a mobile platform that could be deployed across thousands of devices to delight in-store customers while gathering essential marketing data. WeGeeks leveraged Android, Phonegap and HTML5 technologies to create not only a stable and secure mobile platform, but one that allowed businesses to push compelling multimedia experiences with minimal overhead.

WeGeeks then leveraged the Ruby on Rails ecosystem to implement a web and email based analytics system that gave brands the ability to view device status, monthly reports on customer engagement data, and follow up on gathered user information.

Obscura Digital is known for creating next generation digital experiences. After partnering with a well known office design company to design a revolutionary new collaboration tool, they turned to WeGeeks to architect a backend system and content management platform that would enable a large scale deployment of the product.

Through rapid iteration and meetings with the product team, WeGeeks was able to architect a cloud based architecture that could manage and synchronize content creation on a global scale. Obscura needed to quickly build a working prototype to show potential investors. Using Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and related web and image processing technologies WeGeeks was able to deliver a viable prototype within a few weeks!

Urban Mapping initially hired WeGeeks for code review of existing Ruby on Rails internal reporting applications. By identifying I/O bottlenecks and rewriting core components of the applications we able to achieve 50% performance gains! Through application of Rails best practices, we were able to help Urban Mapping extend their current interal application feature set in record time without sacrficing usability or scalability.

Urban Mapping then turned to WeGeeks for help with system infrastructure. WeGeeks first met with the management, engineering, and support teams to gather functional requirements and see how to acheieve the companies goals with minimal costs. WeGeeks architected and implemented a Ruby based toolkit for high availability web services that enabled Urban Mapping to provide a realtime mapping data API to its customers. After implementation, we helped plan a migration strategy that allowed to Urban Mapping to seamlessly transition to the new infrastructure with minimal downtime and pain.

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