Iteration is key to great software.

The goal of good product development is to quickly learn from mistakes and build on great ideas. Our development process consists of cycling through three basic steps: plan, implement and launch.

1. Planning

It's all about communication and collaboration

Unlike most software companies, we not only excel at human to computer interaction, but we are experts in the most crucial aspect of any project: human to human interaction. Rather than using a 'people person' to interpret your companies goals into tech talk for a socially inept coder, our friendly and approachable expert craftsmen will meet with you directly to understand your product vision and target audience. Through chats, mockups, and feature lists, we'll help you identify what is the best course of action to achieve your goals. And don't worry, we'll save the 'geek talk' for the tech conferences; we'll plan and collaborate in simple, clear, and concise terms that don't require you to be a geek to understand.

2. Implementation

Breaking down the work

Coding is easy; coding with direction is hard. In the implementation phase, we break down development tasks into core deliverables with a relatively (roughly 2 weeks or less) small development window. This allows you to see progress as it quickly comes along and makes it easy to measure success or failure of feature implementation. Through testing frameworks in-house or through your own team, we make sure that the features being implemented not only function, but will continue to do so throughout your products lifecycle. And of course, as always, feature development communication is always in simple, clear, and concise terms that doesn't require you to be a geek to understand.

3. Launch

It's Go Time!

For some, this can be the most nerve-racking part of the development cycle. However, getting your features out there doesn't have to be a nightmare. Whether it's new features or a entire new product, our expertise will help your rollout be quick and painless. We'll guide you through best practices and common pitfalls when releasing to your audience and also help you with a backup plan in case things go awry. After a successful launch, we'll help you with a maintenance plan and make sure there's no holes in the documentation that was produced along the way. And of course, should the time come where you feel confident on becoming geeks on your own, we'll assist in any tutoring or handoff of technical knowledge to you and your team.

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